The Smear Campaign

A women's health campaign to encourage awareness and prevention of cervical cancer during the month of January.

A student group project, this public health campaign was inspired by the hugely successful Movember movement. The goal was to create a fun and interactive campaign for women featuring a PSA video, visual social media campaign, website and more!

  • Information Architecture
  • Design Collaboration
  • Motion Graphics
  • Filming & Editing
  • Sound Editing & Mixing
  • Original Song
  • My Soundtrack

The Website

Includes a tongue-in-cheek video called 'My First Time' to encourage women to share their healthcare experiences. The site also generates engagement through users sharing their candy-striped looks on social media. As a team, we used the Sashimi Waterfall project management model.

Design Brief

The Information Architecture helped us identify the ideal users and to understand the way they would use the site. Through competitive analysis of similar campaigns we determined the goals of The Smear Campaign online.

Smear Campaign Design Brief MissionSmear Campaign User ScenarioSmear Campaign Competitive AnalysisSmear Campaign Site Structure


Responsive wireframes for this single page scrolling site were created and handed off to the UI designer.

Smear Campaign WireframeSmear Campaign Wireframe

Style Tile

Each page required a new colour to differentiate it from the one before it. These style tiles guided the design and coding process.

Smear Campaign Style Tile BlueSmear Campaign Style Tile RedSmear Campaign Style Tile Neutral


Girls just want to have fun! So we are encouring everyone to share their candy-striped looks on Instagram with the #GetSmeared hashtag. Also we made some cool pins to hand out on the street and a series of posters to entice visitors to the site.

Smear Campaign Instragram and PinsSmear Campaign Teaser Poster

Check out the site

You can view the motion graphics I created by watching the video

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